Licensees may begin the renewal process 60 days before the license expires. There is hereby created a medical marijuana testing laboratory license as a category of the medical marijuana business license. 0000005299 00000 n %%EOF Ha`Jx] M{>7= 0000051468 00000 n Ope Adegbuyi, Esq. For example, you cannot have a license under the name Legal MMJ Co and have a storefront sign that IDs your business as MMJ Plus.. This is a measurement of bacterial populations on a sample. This is done while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and ethical standards. Processor licenses are in the form of a license certificate. The following is for information purposes only and is not legal advice. 0000013021 00000 n An additional credit card processing fee will be added to the transaction. Every applicant must supply a project description in the application. Commercial Licenses Licensed dispensaries must comply with Title 63 O.S. 0000051665 00000 n But if a dispensary makes pre-rolls out of multiple harvest batches, the pre-rolls need a new compliance test before sale. OMMA was then bound by a court order to implement Metrc by May 26, . 0000000016 00000 n Unless the business entity is a sole Proprietorship or general Partnership, the applying entity must submit a copy of the Oklahoma Secretary of States certificate of good standing document. Staff members join Public Information Officer Porsha Riley to discuss the latest about Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry. Front and back copies of an approved Identification document, which can be any of the states driver's license, state ID, passport, or Tribal ID. Review of personnel records of the testing personnel, ancillary staff, and medical laboratory director. Your physical address needs to match the one that OMMA has on file for your location. The OMMA regulates the operations of independent testing laboratories. Effective Nov. 1, 2022. The law goes into effect on November 1st. (( It is a crime for an unlicensed laboratory or a licensee with an expired license to test cannabis products in Oklahoma. Anyone driving a transportation vehicle must have a transporter license and transporter agent license identification card. Dispensaries must provide proofthe nearest perimeter wall is not within 1,000 feet of the property line for any public or private school. The cost of getting a testing laboratory Certificate of Compliance varies from one city to another in the state; for instance, it costs $900 in Norman and $750 in Oklahoma City. The timeline to process a licensing application is 90 days. OMMA Transportation Manifest Form Requirements. So, if you have questions or need legal advice, or need medical marijuana consulting or auditing, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. 0000035440 00000 n See the Commercial Application Checklist, our FAQs and our rules for more information. His practice focuses on medical marijuana law and criminal defense. HB4056 - Would require a private laboratory under contract with OMMA to provide a list of recommendations for marijuana testing equipment, as well as testing standards and operating procedures . Tulsa medical marijuana attorney Stephen Cale. Contracts and agreements Applicants who are using public funds or working with public institutions need to supply documentation of contract(s) and agreement(s) that show how public funds and/or public institutions are involved in the research. The moratorium lasts until Aug. 1, 2024, or earlier under certain conditions. 9 0 obj Waste facilities must provide proof the nearest perimeter wall is not within 1,000 feet of the property line for any public or private school. A separate application and fee is required for each agent license if the agent is employed by multiple businesses. Licensed waste facilities must comply with Title 63 O.S. What is the difference between a research license and an education license? Visit the research and education section of our commercial license page for details on applying for a research license or education license. For more information, visit. trailer <]/Prev 634344>> startxref 0 %%EOF 88 0 obj <>stream Licenses are permanently expired if the licensee doesnt submit a renewal application within 90 days of the license expiration date. . Applicants can make payments on the portal via Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit cards. Owners and officers must pass a background check. <> 0000120412 00000 n Please provide as much information as possible, with specific details. Tulsa medical marijuana attorney Stephen Cale is a Legal Committee member of the Licensed dispensaries can only sell to other licensed dispensaries or patient license holders, caregiver license holders, research license holders, and the parent or legal guardian named on a minor patients license. %PDF-1.4 % Oklahoma City, OK 73126-2266, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (455), Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBNDD), Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF), Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH). Licensing and Tax Data 0000029136 00000 n .fr:y#\E_ox[_ID/(e]2=+mJ`Y3PF 5. Transporter licenses are issued simultaneously with grower, processor and dispensary licenses. <<437BC7B55CB4B2110A0070D0CD7FFD7F>]/Prev 283149>> Oklahoma medical marijuana growers and processors must now use an OMMA-licensed lab for testing, said Tulsa medical marijuana attorney Stephen Cale. 420et seq. hb``c``````z Go to our Change of Ownership page for details. If the batch passes the first retest, it must be retested a second time to confirm the result. An independent laboratory applicant will be issued the testing laboratory license upon satisfying the conditions stated in the Medical Marijuana Regulations. 420 et seq. The information to be supplied are the details of the owners and principal officers of the business, such as: Other entities that each individual is affiliated with and the type of shares owned in the entities (direct or indirect). The owners must provide proof of residency for two years preceding application or five continuous years out of 25 years preceding application. 0000110791 00000 n Research and education licenses are valid for one year, unless revoked by OMMA. 0000003704 00000 n These application and processing fees are non-refundable. A standalone transporter license application fee is $2,500. Business Forms By the way, the rules define what food is. Background check reports for owners and officers must show that none of the owners was convicted of a nonviolent felony conviction in the last two years or any other felony convictions in the last five years. OMMA processes commercial license applications within 90 business days. State law requires growers, processors, dispensaries, labs and transporters to submit aForeign Financial Interest Attestation formwith theOklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBNDD)within 60 days of approval of an OMMAbusiness license application. 0000002511 00000 n The ISO/IEC 17025:2017 stipulates five rigorous requirements that must be met for a facility to be accredited. The transporter license allows the licensee, through its licensed transporter agents, to transport their own medical marijuana and medical marijuana products to another licensed business. If you are not in the application process but do not have your trade name/DBA on file, you can update it through your businesss licensing portal. [8 0 R] Commercial licensees use their business account to apply on behalf of their employees for OMMA-issued transporter agent licenses. 0000003320 00000 n After OMMA approves your business license, there are still a few more steps to take before your business is fully compliant with all relevant state laws and regulations. As mandated by the OMMA, the acceptable limits of heavy metals are measured in the range of parts per million (ppm) per gram. Applications can only be made online via the OMMA website; there is no provision for physical or mail applications. Owners and officers must pass a background check. 0000003323 00000 n 420et seq. (Scroll right if needed to view full table.). Oklahoma City, OK 73126-2266, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (455). Applicants must have, and provide in the OMMA application, a permit from the. These application and processing fees are non-refundable. For growers, testing samples are taken from what the OMMA calls harvest batches. For processors, testing samples are taken from product lots called production batches.. Review of Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each reference standard. What information and documentation do I need to provide in my processor license application? If you want a medical marijuana business license, marijuana compliance auditing, or need legal representation in the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. 10 0 obj 0000051869 00000 n 0000033262 00000 n Visit the waste disposal section of our commercial license page for details on applying for a waste disposal license. These application and processing fees are non-refundable. Rules 0000017727 00000 n Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority There are two instances in which OMMA may compel . Growers and processors are required by law to submit batch samples of all cannabis products for testing in OMMA-licenced testing laboratories. 0000042733 00000 n : Businesses should submit their renewal application between 1 and 60 days before the license expires. Verify a License An applicant must apply to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) to acquire a testing laboratory license. New rules now require marijuana food processors to keep all test results and related records for three years, said Tulsa medical marijuana attorney Stephen Cale. The Certificate of Compliance certifies that local ordinances, such as occupancy, zoning, building codes, and licensing laws, are adhered to. 0000004332 00000 n Instead, they must dispose of marijuana or marijuana products according to law, such as using a licensed marijuana waste facility. endobj |$&,bjSpplM'0TZ'>k:[@A!s> oI83y*[Tja(L "P Tests for pesticide residue must analyze samples for the presence of: Similar to other testing, if the cannabis concentrate used to make an infused product is within established limits for pesticides, then the infused product does not require additional testing for pesticides. Transporter agents will need to work with the business that is employing them to submit the application through their OMMA business account. If you already set up your new online account, see below orlog in to start your renewal. 0000083315 00000 n A transporter agent license application fee is $25. Of Note: If the cannabis concentrate used to make an infused product is within established limits for solvents and chemical residue, then the infused product does not require additional testing for solvents and chemical residue. Pursuant to 63 O.S. OMMA-licensed growers can sell to licensed processors, dispensaries or other licensed growers. Non-profit registration All education facility applicants must supply non-profit registration with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Must complete a transport manifest each time product is transported to any licensed location including labs. Licenses are valid for one year. 0000000016 00000 n 0000004856 00000 n HB 3208, passed by theOklahoma Legislatureand signed by theGovernor, put a moratorium in place on new processor licenses beginning Aug. 26, 2022. 2023 Cale Law Office. Application fees will be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card. endobj Complaints about medical marijuana businesses are reviewed by the Compliance Department. endobj Last Modified on Mar 30, 2023. FAQs The testing is to ascertain the suitability and safety of medical marijuana and medical marijuana products for human consumption. PO Box 262266 Owners and officers must pass a background check. 12 0 obj 0000035138 00000 n Application fees will be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card. A new state law, passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, implements a moratorium on new grower, processor and dispensary licenses beginning 12:01 a.m. Aug. 26, 2022. A separate attestation is required for each business license. The applicant can save the information supplied during the application process at any time and continue later. Our Post-Approval Checklist can help you finish everything else. 0000012372 00000 n PureLabs is a state-of-the-art cannabis testing laboratory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. <> <>stream How do I apply for a (standalone) commercial transporter license, transporter license or transporter agent license? Businesses with zero inventory must use the OMMA Monthly Reporting Template. | Sitemap. The Medical Marijuana Regulations lists the different kinds of tests to be carried out by the testing laboratories. Let's Talk OMMA is a podcast giving you a behind-the-scenes look at OMMA. 0000014981 00000 n 0000020264 00000 n Other restrictions and requirements apply. hb```f`` @1v HB3019*- Would require purchased marijuana leaving a dispensary to be contained in an exit package, which is described as an opaque bag. See More Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Law Articles. o!/y]}&3EF+[@zSh&41rM}$:&(K6tWmhk0M 0000034705 00000 n Your initial consultation is free. What are the basic requirements to apply for a commercial (standalone) transporter license? 0000036184 00000 n After the account activation, the applicant logs into the application system, selects the Commercial License option and creates a new application. Check Application Status What is a non-hazardous processor license? The checklist of requirements for the application are as follows: Upon submitting the online application for a testing laboratory license, an on-site inspection of the facility is then scheduled. 0000006443 00000 n 0000032884 00000 n 4 49 0000035875 00000 n and the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 442:10. Yes, Oklahoma requires testing for marijuana and marijuana products. This part of the new law stems from product recall and failed testing instances. 0000034018 00000 n Enter a Testing Batch ID # and External Lot # (if you have one at this time) External Batch ID; OMMA Batch Sizes OMMA-required batch sizes are 15 lbs for flower being sold as-is, 50 lbs for flower going to processing, 9 lbs / 4 L for concentrates or 1,000 g THC for infused final products. 0000008353 00000 n OMMA's public NCS Platform dashboard provides updated data and information from across Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry. and the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 442:10. 0000010460 00000 n The applicant is responsible for all costs associated with the background checks. The non-refundable application fee is $5,000. Application fees will be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card. To be eligible for a waste disposal facility license, applicants MUST have a current permit from theOklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. About The Cale Law Office. Applicants must supply ownership disclosure documentation. ?m8}jgIg(6.?NE&5E0I1yI>5&dISiMMrrKjKz^M~"Dl-0TLZ(PU+'PkI62/jN $rf3kG.bM.Vj^+>0#6q]rNpzpT,oto1 w+l0=a(CC>smYj?/~BB~V8!$7y:8;vt:d[{T#5m!!g-$M8nP|Q@WM/g@UTH~j9e>0^f`7aB&b*(kK=Hfg5Z@jZ7KS&PbfrE}KJ=M0mMdN/][V-[zEhyUuU3))[f~zuL#HG@(of3.7X,+t+|yf5:Fl6e. 0000411255 00000 n Completed ownership list from the Excel template file obtained from the application website. FAQs <>stream The payment will not be refunded for applications not approved. The information to be presented includes: First and last names of the individual responsible for the license information, A password that will be used to access and track the application. Licensed processors can sell to licensed dispensaries and other licensed processors. The Oklahoma Department of Health oversees the States medical marijuana program through the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). A testing laboratory license allows a laboratory testing facility to analyze harvested and processed medical-use marijuana for the presence of harmful contaminants. lg flip phone sim card location, can a uti cause a false positive chlamydia test,